Monday, November 5, 2007

Brigit's Garden

On the 19th October, our class took a trip to Brigit's garden in Roscahill. We travelled there by bus, it was very exciting!
Our guide was called Dolores, and she let us explore the woods, we looked for leaves and berries, and searched for nuts, We listened for birds, and heard the robin and bluetit. We examined mini-beasts such as woodlouse, slugs and snails, and other insects.
We played with a parachute inside the crannog, and there we also coloured leaves and made our very own tree to bring home with us to our classroom.
They had a stone clock, and a lovely play area with wicker basket swings, and logs to climb.
At the end of the day, we had a parade for the Queen of the Autumn, we all got shakers to shake to the beat of the drum. And we followed the Queen to the throne.
We had to say goodbye to Brigit's Garden, and go back on the bus, we were all tired, some people even fell asleep...
Here are some pictures from our trip, and there are more running along the side of the site. So many special memories...

Our Hedgehogs

We learned about hedgehogs in Autumn, and how they go to sleep for the winter, we learnt a song about Harry the Hedgehog. Then, we made hedgehog pictures, we stuck paper straws on the body, as spines, we coloured the face and feet, then we painted over the white straws with brown paint.
Here is a picture of us painting our hedgehogs.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Chestnut Tree

We went for a walk to see the Chestnut tree in Autumn, the leaves are turning brown, some have already fallen to the ground. We found a conker, still inside it's spikey case. We are going to visit this chestnut tree again later in the year and see what it looks like during Winter.
We enjoyed going for a walk and collecting leaves.

Our Com-puter

This is Our Class Computer, it was specially made for Junior Infants, We can play lots of games like- Sammy's Science House, Thinking Things, Trudy's Time and Place, Milly's Maths House.
There is a rota, so we all get our turn on the computer, one day a week.
We are very good at using the mouse, and typing.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The first thing we painted in Ms. Keenan's Class was Squirrels,

We need a big t-shirt for painting, teacher puts it on over our uniform, and that stops us getting paint on our uniforms.

We like painting, we also painted balloons, we picked our favourite colour. We printed our handprint with paint, and used ink to make a fingerprint for "There's no one quite like me"

This is the door to Room 7.

It tells you it's Ms.Keenan's Class, it's Junior Infants.

We have P.E. on Mondays and Wednesdays at 12 in the halla.

Assembly is on Thursday Morning at 9. We go down to the hall, meet Mrs. Smith, the principal. We pray, we sing. If it is someone's birthday, we all sing 'Happy Birthday' and Mrs. Smith gives them a special birthday sticker!